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20 USD No Deposit Free Bonus - SinoSoftFX

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The SinoSoftFX broker offers a new 20 USD free bonus that is 2000 cents for a cent account and an equivalent amount in Euros. The free 20 USD bonus only for trading purposes for new clients only. The broker sets a specific condition about a minimum to withdraw and maximum withdrawal amount. A client if trades Commodities (Metals and Natural Gas) the account holder can not withdraw his trading profit.

sinosoftfx bonus

Opening Link20 USD FREE BONUS

Eligible to: Only for the new clients

Withdraw: Yes, profit can be withdrawn

How to apply:

  • Open a new account
  • Login into the Trader’s Room and verify your account
  • After verification click on the “Get Bonus” button

Terms and conditions:

  • It can take up to 10 days to give the bonus
  • Need a complete verification to get the bonus
  • If a client receives the bonus, his / her relatives can't take this bonus
  • The minimum withdraw is $50 and the maximum withdraw is $100
  • The bonus will expire within 3 months after receiving the bonus


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