Finkurve Financial Services Limited To Acquire Further 16.80% Stake In Arvog Forex Pvt Ltd
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Finkurve Financial Services Limited to acquire further 16.80% stake in Arvog Forex Pvt Ltd

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The Board of directors of Finkurve Financial Services Limited have chosen to obtain 1,46,994 (One Lac 46 Thousand 900 and 94 Offers) Value Offers collecting to 16.80% of the complete settled up offer capital of M/s. Arvog Forex Private Limited (formerly known as M/s. Supama Forex Private Limited), Auxiliary of the Organization at a pace of Rs. 146.78/ - per share totaling to Rs. 2,15,75,780/ - (Rupees Two Crore Fifteen Lac 75 Thousand 700 Eighty As it were).

Finkurve Financial Services Limited is the holding organization of M/s. Arvog Forex Private Limited, holding 7,28,000 value shares i.e.83.2% of the absolute settled up offer capital of M/s. Arvog Forex Private Limited. Endless supply of securing, Finkurve Monetary Administrations Restricted will turn into the holder of 99.9994% stake in M/s. Arvog Forex Private Restricted.

Arvog Forex Private Limited is occupied with the matter of purchasing, selling and managing of Foreign Exchange and Currencies.

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