Multiple Cryptocurrencies Affected In September Last Week
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Multiple cryptocurrencies affected in September last week

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In accordance with Leto, customers who never utilized a zaddr just used it on the Tor Onion Routing system or and then send funds, aren't affected. In addition, Leto also promises that Zcash isn't the only real cryptocurrency affected and a non-exhaustive listing.

The cryptocurrencies contained in the list are usually Zcash, Hush, Pirate, Komodo wise chains with zaddr allowed automagically, Safecoin, Horizen, No, VoteCoin, Snowgem, BitcoinZ, LitecoinZ, Zelcash, Yash, Arrow, Verus, Bitcoin Personal, ZClassic, and Anon. Leto furthermore highlights that Komodo has recently disabled the shielded addresses function and transitioned it towards the Pirate chain, meaning KMD no more contains the insect.

As lately reported, Electric Gold coin Company, which released and supports the introduction of privacy-coin Zcash, lately published a paper explaining a trustless cryptographic program called Halo.

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