Star Trek Creator’s Signature Goes Where No NFT Has Gone Before
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Star Trek creator’s signature goes where no NFT has gone before

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The living "El Primero" or "The Main" NFT deifies a financial crossroads in science fiction history by intertwining future tech with Star Trip history.

Back in 1965, Roddenberry marked an agreement with Lucille Ball's Desilu Creations to fund Star Journey. On Tuesday, that mark was transformed into an NFT and embedded into the DNA code of a living microorganisms cell — 30 years after the science-fiction legend's demise.

Roddenberry Diversion portrays it as the very first "Living Eco-NFT" and a "genuine convergence of science and sci-fi."

Agustín Fernández, President of Levelheaded Immunizations and Emmy Grant's winning chief, worked together on the piece. "Putting away data in DNA addresses a totally different class of probability with regards to information documenting," he said.

"The Solana blockchain gives an amazingly energy-proficient stage for NFT makers to expand on," said Stephen Hess, break President of Metaplex Studios.

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